Workshop: Awaken the Bandhas

Namaste and welcome to “Awaken the Bandhas.” We are thrilled and honored you’re here. The bandhas, often called the “inner locks,” can elevate your yoga practice and daily life to new heights, unlocking inner reservoirs of prana, awakening dormant potential, and creating a renewed sense of vitality. In this workshop, you’ll delve into the profound […]

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Workshop: Yoga and Pregnancy

Namaste and welcome to “Yoga and Pregnancy.” We are delighted and honored to have you here. In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to adapt and tailor yoga postures to embrace pregnancy. You’ll discover how safe, gentle modifications can make yoga an empowering and nurturing practice during this special time of growth and transformation. (This is

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Workshop: Yoga Nidra

Namaste and welcome! We are thrilled and honored you’ve chosen our online yoga workshop, “Yoga Nidra.” In this sacred space of self-discovery and inner peace, you’ll explore the art of conscious relaxation. Yoga Nidra, often referred to as the “yogic sleep,” is a practice that transcends the boundaries of time and space, inviting you to

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Workshop: Warrior Series

Namaste and welcome! In this workshop, we will guide you through the empowering practice of the warrior poses and how to teach them. You’ll explore the history, safety, alignment, benefits, cuing, and variations of the warrior postures. These postures will invite you and your students to tap into inner reservoirs of resilience, grace, and determination. Thank you

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